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All bags and orders will be shipped in 2-3 weeks. 

All the pieces of the suit are of highest quality. Top grain leather! We cut each “Suit” from the same hide of leather to ensure all parts match. It comes with: 1 Tool Bag, for the small important tools. 2 Gremlin Bag, for the emergency stuff like Zip-ties, just below the radiator. 3 Fender Bib to carry the spare helmet or the leather jacket. 4+5 Grip & Lever Covers, give you a complete different riding experience. Save you from hot/cold extremes, provide a better grip. 6 Fork Covers, Black is the new Chrome! 7 Saddlebags, to bring a few beer and give a nice lady spontaneous a ride. + 2 LED lights, to find the keys you lost after the concert. Comes with a matching piece of static cling tape to protect the paint 100%. This is your best value, by far! You are getting over $800 worth of product for $635. This is the complete blackout containment and leather trim package and completes the look of the Sportster. Pete went to great lengths to create products that fit 20 years of Sportsters. Please call us - +1 239 919 7097 or contact us via message if you have any special modifiactions or questions about fit. All of Pete's designs are easily installed without tools, hardware, or relocation.o
  • Finest cow leather, top grain, latigo. Sourced and hand-selected in the USA. It undergoes careful processing to ensure a finished product that is more resistant to liquids and sunlight. This leather is robust, which makes it the best material for riding conditions and to last a lifetime. It is typically what the Amish use for making horse tack, as it it so long lasting and weather resistant. Another very important aspect of the Latigo is that it is the most environmentally safe process for tanning.